Are you worried you will not have a healthy pregnancy at 35? If yes, it is time to lay your fears to rest right now!

Gone are the days when women had to work within a limited timeline to achieve their life’s goals and produce babies too. Unfortunately, it was the misconception of being unable to conceive past the thirties that rushed woman needlessly.

Today, science gives us all the evidences that pregnancy after 35 is possible. Additionally, pregnancy over 35 is no longer a wishful dream but a possible reality. Fortunately, nothing is to stop you from having a healthy one. Women over the age of 35 and are 5-6 weeks pregnant need to be only as much careful as women at this stage in their twenties. So, let science be your common sense and not societal myths.

Here are the best tips for having a healthy pregnancy at 35 like a pro and even beyond it.

Healthy Choices- Make them for a Healthy Pregnancy at 35

Most importantly, you have to take extra good care of yourself to have a healthy pregnancy over 35. For that, you must be especially concerned about the basics. These include:

1.     Get a Pregnancy Approval from Your Doctor

Seek a preconception appointment with your partner before you go ahead and get pregnant. Furthermore, it is important to discuss your overall health status and lifestyle changes with your doctor. A healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby are only possible when you are sound health-wise.

If you have any concern regarding fertility, the odds of conception etc. it is best to have a detailed discussion with a medical expert.

2.     Timely Prenatal Visits

Do not take your prenatal care lightly. During this time, you must be punctual with your prenatal visits and cooperate with your healthcare experts.

They would be closely monitoring you and your baby’s health progress all through the nine months. At the first sign of any untoward symptom or condition, you’d be able to solve it before the problem worsens.

3.     Prioritize Your Nutrition Intake

Part of the possibility for pregnancy over 35 depends largely on how well you have eaten thus far. However, during pregnancy itself, you need to top up your vitamin D, iron, calcium, folic acid and essential nutrient levels.

You must ensure you’re eating healthy and nutrition-packed meals every day. Also, asking your doctor for a prenatal vitamin and starting it a couple of months before conception would be great.

4.     Weight Control

Keep a strict check on your weight. Also, gain the extra pounds very wisely because the right weight will support your baby and make pregnancy easy. However, if you gain any unfavorable weight, it may very likely cause complications during your delivery.

Please make it a point to ask your doctor about the right weight for you, throughout your pregnancy period.

5.     Exercise- for a Healthy pregnancy at 35

Staying active is imperative to staying healthy, even with a pregnancy after 35. Exercising regularly will ease your discomfort, improve your energy level and keep you in optimal health. Besides, an exercising regime will increase your muscle strength and stamina.

All of these benefits will collectively prepare you well for childbirth and labor. It would be best to ask your doctor to approve of an exercise pattern before you begin.

6.     Test for Abnormalities

Work with your doctor on testing for chromosomal abnormalities, which is why you will have to undertake a prenatal testing for this. However, you should ask your doctor if it is safe for you because undertaking such a test will indicate what benefits and risks are at stake.

7.     Avoid Harmful Substances

You must refrain from all harmful substances, if you’re hoping for a healthy pregnancy after 35. These include drugs, tobacco, alcohol and others. Additionally, it would help if you asked your doctor to clear away supplements and medications well before you conceive to avoid complications.

Understand the Risks of Pregnancy at 35 or over 35

It is true that we do not need to bind ourselves to the societal myths anymore. However, we must not completely disregard the biological facts of life too. The biological clock does tick and at age 35, it can mean you may have more complications than younger pregnant women.

For this, you must learn about the risks that pregnancy at your age can include. Some of these are:

1.     May Take Longer for You to Conceive

Getting pregnant at this age might not be as quick and easy. The fact is that women have limited eggs at birth but upon reaching their mid or late thirties, the quality and quantity of eggs decrease. Older women also become less fertile, so if you do not conceive within six months of your plan, you must visit your doctor.

2.     Delivering Twins

Pregnancy over 35 means you have higher chances of giving birth to twins. The fact is that several hormonal changes occur with age. Hence, conceiving beyond 35 means you can release multiple eggs at a time. Also, reproductive technologies like vitro fertilization can play an active part here.

3.     High Blood Pressure

First pregnancy after 35 means you have higher chances of developing high blood pressure. This is a more common condition in older pregnant women. This is why it is imperative for the GYN to closely monitor the baby’s development and growth.

As a result, you can end up having more obstetric appointments or may have to deliver before your due date to avoid complications.

4.     Gestational Diabetes

If it’s your first pregnancy after 35 or even your second pregnancy over 35, you may develop gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes is again more common in older pregnant women. As such, pregnant women over 35 have to keep a tighter control on their blood sugar.

You can rely on physical activity and diet to control that for you. Additionally, you may also likely have to take some medication for it.

5.     Low Birth Weight or Preemies

In a pregnancy over 35, chances are higher for low birth weight babies or a premature birth. Therefore, preemie born babies often develop more complicated medical problems. Pregnancy over 35 also makes women more vulnerable to stillbirths or miscarriages.

Final Thoughts

A healthy pregnancy at 35 is certainly possible but women have to be very watchful of their health, diets and exercising patterns. It is easy to conceive if:

  • Women are in top shape
  • Are not suffering from any underlying or medical conditions and
  • Are physically active to conceive and deliver a healthy baby even at 35 or after it.

A pregnant woman at 35 can carry her term successfully, but She needs to be extra cautious and punctual with prenatal visits.

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