If you’ve already made the big pregnancy announcement to family and friends, you’re surely tackling a barrage of questions pouring in right now. Have you considered getting a baby registry to keep up with the flow? If not, here is all you need to know of why it is the handiest thing for you right now.

Baby Registry- Your Handiest Pregnancy Tool

It is imperative to get a baby registry because it will help you not feel overwhelmed with all the preparations before the delivery. One cannot understate the extent of stuff of new babies need and from setting up the nursery to stocking up on baby essentials, expectant mothers have their work cut out.

This is why setting it up can be really useful for you and a whole lot of fun too. It makes life easier for mommies to be in the long-term because it’s the best way of letting family and friends know what gifts you’d appreciate the most from them.

Moreover, a registry is a helpful way of keeping track of all your baby gear so nothing goes missing before your little one arrives.

Baby Registry- How it Works

Typically, a baby registry is a list of items that expectant parents prepare of the gifts that they’d like to receive. The purpose of it is to ensure that parents are able to collect everything they for they need addition to come, from daily essentials to ticket items like a stroller, crib etc.

Parents-to-be now have the option of either setting up an online baby registry or a store-organized one. Nowadays online is usually the preferred option and if you’d like it too, you can check the Amazon baby registry.

In certain registries, you even have the option of combining lists from several retailers. In fact, not just but many other baby registries also offer many perks, including completion discounts on selective items, a host of freebies in a welcome box, price matching, free returns and lots more.

It is really the best option parents can vote because excitement aside, the task of setting up everything for the new bundle of joy to come is challenging. At times, parents can also not accommodate everything they need within their budget, hence having a list helps family and friends come forward to help.

From bassinets, car seats to the nitty-gritty essentials, the costs of baby gears can mount up high really fast. Besides, what could be a better way than the subtle registry approach or letting your friends and family know what products you actually need for the baby?

Here’s what to look for in the Best Baby Registry

If you have had no prior experience with building a baby registry, here are some essential features you need to look for:

  • Group gifting- there are always the big ticket items that are costly for a single person to sponsor. Hence, looking for group gifting features in your list would be helpful. It would provide the option to family and friends for contributing on a bigger gift product together.
  • Brand variety- When you’re out to get a baby registry, consider how important certain brand names are to you and check their availability before you commit. Most registries these days offer a host of their partnering brands for a number of products while others stick to their own brands. You’d like to see what you prefer the most as parents.
  • Return policies- No matter how well intended; often a gift product can be a misfit for the new baby. This is where you need a return policy the most so that it makes returning unused product possible and convenient. Also look for generous timeframes when looking up return policies on your baby registry.
  • Personal touches help you send thank you notes and show how touched you are at someone’s thoughtfulness. Look for a registry that tells you whoa gift is from etc.
  • Completion Discounts- Some offers completion discount for parents who’re nearing their expected due date. When a registry leads you to completion discounts, you can purchase whatever items are remaining on your wish list.
  • Freebies- Many companies also offer freebies on a baby registry. These welcome gifts are a great way of knowing certain brands and the quality of their products, for future references.
  • Universal registry- this feature allows you to include products from other retailers on their registry page for more brand variety and customization.

Amazon Baby Registry- The Best Baby Registry for You

Amazon Baby Registry- If you’re looking for a baby registry that offers a massive selection for your shopping, then Amazon baby registry is the best pick. Like everything else, you can find almost every product and gear piece in your wish list in this one. Beside, consider how convenient it would be for family and friends to shop from their own Amazon.

All the best features you need are present in Amazon baby registry. They include:

  • Amazon has a universal registry in which you can add any product of a retailer of your choice. You can enable Universal registry on your Amazon account and expand your wish list here.
  • Remember the personal touches we mentioned? Yes, Amazon offers those too. You can trace your gift givers on Amazon baby registry and send your thank-you promptly. It also has an option for the gift givers to include their address, which is even better for future references.
  • With an Amazon baby registry, you become eligible for a ten percent completion discount. This after sixty days post your due date. This discount is applicable on the items remaining in your registry list, for up to two orders. If you’re a prime member, then you will enjoy a discount of 15%.
  • Amazon baby registry even sends a welcome box of freebies worth $35, for both the new parents and the baby.
  • Gift grouping option is also available.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t considered it before, now is the time to get a baby registry if you’re expecting. It is one of the most useful ways of gathering all the essentials. You will be able to add all the things that your baby will need soon after birth.

Since setting up everything can be costly, a baby registry will help seek assistance through gifts from family and friends.

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