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Pregnancy is beautiful and also a very busy time for a mom to be. I don’t know if this has happened to you or not, but one of the things that I did the most was search for the best products to use for my baby girl.

When my little girl arrived, her health was the utmost priority for me. How to feed her, which milk formula will be good for her, when I can stop breastfeeding, many things were a part of my journey. My quest to get organic milk powder formula for a newborn baby took a lot of research and reading. It is never an easy process.

Finding the World’s Best Milk Powder for Newborns

This can be tough. You can’t compromise the health of a newborn baby. My strategy was to search for a chemical-free, organic milk formula for newborns, but the road was not easy. You can plan what you want for a baby, but it is not always possible to get what you want.

I was on my own when I decided to do what was best for me little girl. Elders suggested the old-school theories; however, in my opinion they were not the best I could give to my child. The biggest challenge I faced in my research was to get a chemical-free product that ingredients that can keep my little girl both healthy and safe.

Nutritious Organic Milk Powder Formula for Newborns

When it is possible, certified organic products are the best to use for babies compare to products that most likely have more sugars, preservatives, or other chemicals we should avoid.

My top 3 Organic formula Brands

Hipp Bio Combiotic

Hipp meets a few organic certifications, which gives confidence to parents in using their products.

Experts recommend Hipp Combiotic Stage 1 for babies 0-6 months.

Hipp Combiotic Pre is a whey product made for 0-6 month babies in dire need of omega-3, Prebiotics, and Probiotics components. This organic formula contains vitamins A, C, and D to give the baby an excellent immune system. It has omega 3 and omega-6 with no corn syrup.

Hipp Combiotic Stage 2 is for kids 6-12 months. Hipp Combiotic Stage 3 is for children older thatn 10 months. Both are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, helping develop the brain cells of our kids.


Hipp Combiotic is an EU certified organic quality product providing nutritious and healthy intestines to newborns. It is easy to make and use. I personally use this product for my baby. It is definitely the brand I feel good about recommending to you.


Lebenswert also is an EU certified Organic brand. They also have 3 stages of organic milk powder formula for a newborn babies. Lebenswert is rich in Vitamin A, E, C, and B and uses lactose to provide nutrition.

Their product comprises proper stock breeding, plant protection, and soil fertilization, using no chemicals or synthetic products to ensure soil fertility. Lebenswert uses only organic products from processing to final products while ensuring that organic quality is maintained.


Holle is the only product I found which comes in 2 variants: Cow milk powder formula and goat milk powder formula. Newborns’ digestion is really a complicated issue, so the infants who cannot digest lactose can switch to goat milk.

For cow milk powder formula, Stage Pre to Stage 3 is for newborns up to kids 2 years of age. Goat milk powder formula, Stage 1 to Stage 3 is for kids from 0 months to 3 years of age.

Holle cow milk powder formula is the EU certified organic product with no chemicals or preservatives. Cows are raised on Demeter certified Biodynamic Farm. Holle adds no artificial flavors in their products. This product is rich in Vitamin A, C, D, and E, and uses organically grown ingredients, and DHA is derived from Fish oil.

Holle goat milk powder formula is made of organic ingredients where DHA is derived from Algae. It’s a certified organic product that uses product from goats raised in Biodynamic farms with proper care. No chemicals or preservatives added. It’s a non-lactose food for kids having problems with cow milk.

When you are looking out for right organic milk powder formula for a newborn baby, these products can help you get what you want. They are purely organic, which will not harm your young ones’ health.

What to Avoid While Choosing the Organic Milk Powder Formula for Newborns

You might find the right products with some wrong ingredients added to them. When I sought organic products, I did not know what ingredients I should be looking for. To get the organic milk powder formula for a newborn baby, I first searched for what ingredients to avoid.

As soon as I started my research, to my surprise, I learned that I needed to avoid mainly sugar and carbs. These ingredients can be really addictive for kids, and they can cause babies to gain weight quickly.

To save your kid from allergies, you need to avoid gluten and soy lecithin-based products. Be very particular about these ingredients; they can easily harm newborns. Many infants are very intolerable to these ingredients, so totally avoiding them will be the best option you can choose while nurturing your little one.

I would recommend not using formulas containing mineral oil or industrial vegetable oils from my personal experience. Our young ones’ skin is susceptible and can be affected by certain kinds of fats. Even the preservatives can create problems for them. Preservatives are added to keep the food for a long time, but for organic milk formula for a newborn baby, we need fresh instead of long-kept products. You should avoid preservatives as much as you can.

Do not panic; motherhood is to be cherished; learn new things. Just be a careful with the kind of products you choose for your young one, and it will be a balanced journey overall.

Curious to lear more? I will keep sharing all my secrets on my Recommendation page.


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