Meet The Founder Of The New Mom Secrets.


My name is Silvia, and I am the founder of the New Moms Secrets Blog. I, too, am a mother of 1 beautiful baby girl, raising my little family in the sunny parts of South Florida. I’m a Italian full-time, hard working mom, with a strong passionate background in Marketing and Finance (MBA),and I have decided to continue my journey alongside an Italian pharmaceutical company.

The passion of creating a more sustainable and toxin free lifestyle, started well before I became a mother. Growing up, I was more conscious, than the average child, to the products that I was using. I started to gravitate more towards eco-friendly and sustainable products, as many of OTC items were too harsh, thus breaking out my skin. For myself, I created a more sustainable lifestyle, before it became mainstream. This sparked my curiosity to help other women, who were just like myself, and needed guidance on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

My Mission is to provide a place of safety & transparency with every new mom. Providing a space of empowerment, will ignite the confidence needed to create a better life!


After feeling comfort from my purpose, I made it my mission to figure out and provide sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, so that other women, could live sustainable lifestyles from within the comforts of their homes. From my experience and continuous devoted research, I’ve finally decided to combine my family background of medicine with my passion of Marketing to provide mothers safe & transparent tips.

My mission is to provide a safe, transparent, and positive space for new moms. My promise is to provide the best tips & resources new mothers need for creating a more sustainable, toxin free lifestyle at home.

By sharing my honest experience, with compassionate support, I hope that this blog will leave you with the confidence needed to creating a safe, fun, and transparent space within your home. By making subtle changes, daily, you will collectively start to see an amazing transformation within your home. The best part of it all, your quality of life increases and becomes more efficient. It’s the best, yet simple, way to creating a fulfilling experience for yourself and your family!